How To Help Countless People (With Very Little Time and No Money)

How To Help Countless People (With Very Little Time and No Money)

There’s no denying that, nationally and globally, we’re all living in some tense and chaotic times. Because the best of human nature includes reaching out to help others during difficult periods, people have truly shown up for good causes. During the pandemic, for example, charitable giving in the US reached an all-time high, and although in-person volunteering inevitably decreased, virtual volunteering increased significantly. This philanthropic spirit is likely to continue as people strive to make the world a better place.

Although all of this giving is wonderful, it can leave those with very little time or money feeling helpless to contribute. Yet there are plenty of creative ways to give back to the community without investing a lot of time or any money at all—even if you’re very young and still figuring life out. If you’ve grappled with mental health challenges, your learning experiences can be enormously valuable to countless people, especially pre-teens and teens. Here’s how to share that wealth.

Free, Easy Ways to Promote Good Mental Health in Adolescents

Young people can be far more vulnerable to psychological conflicts and crises than other age groups because they experience so many acute stressors at once. They cope with major physical, emotional, and intellectual changes as part of the growing-up process, and they’re also under immense pressure to make key decisions about their futures. Any additional adversity can easily become overwhelming. If you’ve had success with any mental health treatment or practice, you can help others who are looking for answers by doing the following:

  • Offering a listening ear and/or advice to a struggling peer at school, during extracurricular activities, or in other contexts
  • Posting your mental health tips and strategies on social media, or reposting those of others
  • Participating in a one-time or short regular volunteer session with a nonprofit organization that works to promote teen mental health
  • Providing reviews of mental health care providers, programs, facilities, and apps online to help others like you make informed choices
  • Sharing your mental health story in a public digital format, such as a chat group, forum, social media, blog, or related nonprofit organization platform or website

Remember, you can do all of these things quickly, easily, and without spending a dime. If you’re concerned about privacy, consider focusing on posting anonymous health resource reviews and tips for success. It’s easy, it’s free, and you may just save a life—or change it for the better.

Share Your Mental Health “Wealth” With ReGroup Foundation

ReGroup Foundation is a non-profit that helps pre-teens, teens, and their families anonymously share and benefit from mental health success stories. Too often, the best resources and practices in teen mental health care remain under the radar. We want all families to benefit from the triumphs of those who have been there, done that. We make this possible by collecting family reviews of local mental health caregivers and facilities as well as their personal strategies for helping teens recover from wellness challenges.

In only 15 minutes, you can begin making a world of difference in the lives of other teens and their families—just by anonymously sharing your successes. Register today and start sharing your reviews and mental health insights!

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