Dr. Charles Roth

Dr. Charles Roth conducted a neuropsychological evaluated our third-grade son who had been diagnosed with ADHD. We didn’t simply want a diagnosis but rather a deeper understanding into how he learned, thought, etc. Dr. Roth’s evaluation was extremely deep and thorough. He met with our son in person for 8 hours of testing over 3 […]


Jeremy Wilkinson is an excellent provider, and worked with our teen to prescribe medication for ADHD. He worked closely with the parents, but saw the teen as the primary client (in a good way.) Super smart, flexible, and seemed in tune with teen issues of the day. Would highly recommend him for Nueva kids.

Dr. Danielle Kamis– great person, but not a good fit

Our daughter spent her 8th grade year under the care of Dr. Kamis, a psychiatrist based in Los Altos. After 12 months, she left with a lot of respect for Dr. Kamis, and a strong friendship, but was not able to get “unstuck” academically (she was consistently having trouble turning in assigned work). Our daughter […]

Children’s Health Council

My son asked to go to therapy when he was a Sophomore in High School to help with anxiety, stress and coping skills. We have Kaiser and they will only provide you with 4 appointments then nothing more. We needed to find a provider outside of Kaiser. Nueva Upper School gave us a list of […]

Kathleen Gear Psychology

My child has had recurring therapy with Bindhu Prasad. I’m afraid I don’t have tremendous insight into their sessions, as most therapists keep the conversations confidential and I haven’t asked my child to allow Ms. Prasad to disclose their conversations. My child has ADHD, but has had strong family/professional support and good coping skills. We […]

Dr. Caryn Kovar Review

My child had a neuropsychological examination with Dr. Caryn Kovar when she was about 11 years old. We had an overwhelmingly positive experience in all phases of our work with her. I’ve discovered that the quality of the practitioner is a key point in these examinations – that the level of observation, empathy, knowledge, and […]

Wesley Dunn, MD – Child, Adolescent and Adult Neuro Psychiatrist

We have been working with Dr Dunn for five years. He helped diagnose David with ADD and has been treating him with medication and monitoring him. He relates very well to kids and adults and creates a safe and non-judgmental space for treatment. We were referred to Dr. Dunn through the school and have been […]

Cindy Berenstein-Sibley

My daughter started seeing Cindy when she was in elementary school due to some learning and communication issues she was experiencing. Over time, Cindy and various referred testing professionals concluded that my daughter had ADHD and anxiety. My daughter said Cindy was “amazing” and she was very happy talking with Cindy about anything and everything. […]

Efficient and understanding

Dr. Labrada does much more than just prescribe medication. She was able to quickly establish a good rapport with our teen and suss out their level of anxiety and depression. For instance, she hasn’t used “first line” ADHD medication with our teen because of their high level of anxiety. Her experience dealing with many teens […]